Service Terms and Conditions.

We are a laundry service not a dry cleaning. Our goal is to provide regular laundry service for your regular clothes. We want you to bring all your laundry that we usually do at home so that you save your time and focus on some other things which are more important to you. Please be mindful of the following terms:

  1. We are a laundry service not a dry cleaning or premium service
  2. It is your responsibility to decide if any cloth is washable in the laundry or needs a premium dry cleaning.
  3. We are not responsible if clothes shrinks or fade aways or if some strong stain does not go away.
  4. Please decide if you want your branded or valuable clothes to be washed at the Laundry or at Dry Cleaning.

Our ( Klin Laundromat Pvt. Ltd.) responsibility or limitations:

  1. Guarantee hygiene
  2. Guarantee clean and safe water is used
  3. Guarantee that we use the best available detergent
  4. We cover the loss of items. This doesn't happen at all but just in case it happens. Whatever items are lost we pay (cover) 50% of the current market price. It takes 3-4 weeks to settle the loss of items. The price will be for general items. We don't cover branded items. Branded items, which we encourage not to do laundry, are also treated as ordinary clothes ( or shoes).
  5. We cover any mechanical damage due to the problem with our machinery. Normal damage due to wear and tear of the items is not covered.

Contact or our phone no. if you need to complain or need further information.