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We are a laundry service not a dry cleaning. Our goal is to provide regualr laundry service to your regular clothes. We want you to bring all your laundry that we usually do at home so that you save your time and focus on some other thing which are more importnat to you. Please be mindful of the followinf terms:

  1. We are a laundry service not a dry cleaning or premium service
  2. It is your responsibility to decide if any cloth is washable in laundy or need a premium dry cleaning.
  3. We are not responsible if cloths shrinks or fades aways or if some strong stain does not go away.
  4. Please decide if you want your branded or valuable clothes to be wahsed at Laundry or at Dry Cleaning.

Our ( Klin Laundromat Pvt. Ltd.) responsibility or limitations:

  1. Guarantee hygine
  2. Guarantee clean and safe water is used
  3. Guarantee that we use the best available detergent
  4. We cover loss/damage of items due to any cisrcumtances. We try our best to avoid this situation. Whatever items is lost we pay (cover) 50% of the current market price or Rs. 2000 whichever is smaller. Please don't bring expensive items for laundry unless you are sure. It takes 3-4 weeks to settle the loss/damage of items. Price will be of general items. We don't cover for branded items. Branded items , which we encourage to not to do laundry, are also treated as ordinary clothes ( or shoes).
  5. We cover for any mechanical damage due to the problem in our machinary. Normal damage due to wear and tear of the items are not covered.


Introducing Customer Loylty Points

More you wash with us, more Points

you get !

We shall announce the scheme to

exchange points